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Apple joins forces with Chinese giant Alibaba against Huawei


Posted: February 23, 2019
Updated: February 22, 2019

by Steve

The diplomatic crisis in which China and the United States are plunged has many financial repercussions. Especially on Apple, Californian Goliath, and Huawei, David Chinese. The American government has indeed multiplied the accusations of espionage against Huawei, and even wanted to imprison its financial director, daughter of the founder of the brand. Following the incident, Chinese press and consumers decided to boycott the iPhone from Apple to turn to Huawei phones.

iphone chine - Facing Huawei, Apple joins forces with Chinese giant AlibabaWhat melted iPhone sales in China, and exploded those of Mi Mix and others Redmi Note. To counter this sentence, Apple has decided to partner with Ant Financial Services Group, a Chinese payment specialist and subsidiary of Alibaba, a sales giant. On its Chinese website, Apple now offers its customers the opportunity to acquire an iPhone XR for € 35 per month, and an iPhone XS for around € 50 per month. Consumers can thus benefit from a 0% credit over three, six, nine, twelve or twenty-four months. In other words, they pay no interest on the credit.

Neither Apple nor Ant Financial has commented on this. The fact remains that this 0% credit, which does not exist in France, will undoubtedly be a real coup de com.