Apple issues security alert for older Macs

Apple issues security alert for older Macs

Apple is warning older Mac users of a potential risk following an Intel processor security breach.

It has recently been discovered a new branch which relates to the processors manufactured by Intel. Named ZombieLoad, this breach affects all processors produced from 2011.

Intel has since corrected this flaw by delivering the necessary microcode to computer manufacturers. However, Apple warns its users that there is a risk for its Mac manufactured between 2009 and 2010.

Any risk with the ZombieLoad breach is ignored, but other flaws of the same type may pose a problem. Apple would be unable to deploy an update for these Macs classified as vintage or obsolete since Intel will not provide any code to correct any problem.

The Californian manufacturer Explain besides his method to cover any risk for more recent devices. This solution is applied to the detriment of performance, which is reduced by almost 40%, with the need to deactivate hyper-threading. This technology improves the performance of a processor by dividing a physical core into two digital cores.

Apple provided additional details and published a list of devices which are not affected by this solution, reducing the risk of exploitation of this segment, which therefore find themselves potentially vulnerable.

Nevertheless, a means of exploiting the related breach ZombieLoad will be very difficult to set up and the risk of any attack is therefore, fortunately, rather weak.