Apple is working on a Macbook capable of charging iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch

The next Macbook might be able to charge other devices wirelessly. Indeed, the Cupertino company has filed a new patent describing a coil device allowing wireless reverse charging by the computer. She still recommends that the latter be connected to the mains for more efficiency.

Apple Macbook reverse charge patent

Although it seems that Apple is working primarily on two foldable iPhones, the firm is not leaving aside other ambitious projects. Technology Magsafe, unveiled at the same time as the iPhone 12 is also at the heart of its innovations. This is indeed what shows this new patent filed by the brand, which describes a Macbook able to charge other of its devices.

If the iPhone 12 already hides a reverse charging system, it is for now the only Apple product equipped with this feature. The manufacturer therefore obviously does not intend to stop there, since he has actually been working on this device for 2016. This new patent confirms his interest in the technology, which we can expect to see land in the years to come.

Macbooks could be equipped with reverse charging

The document describes a system of coils placed in the interior of the Macbook, which would therefore land an iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch to recharge. It would also be possible to recharge several devices at the same time by integrating several coil systems in the computer. The firm at the apple nevertheless specifies that “Some devices have one or more rechargeable batteries that need to be connected to the mains”.

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Apple therefore recommends plugging in the Macbook before using it to charge other devices. The manufacturer does not leave aside the traditional charging method. “Often these devices will need to be recharged via a standard electrical connector or cable” can we read in the patent. In addition, Apple recognizes that it would be more efficient to place one device on the Macbook instead of several: “Each device could require a separate energy source”, although this device “Can be inconvenient for use, storage and / or transport”.

Source: Patently Apple