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Apple is the perfect time to acquire Disney


In recent years, several discussions have taken place on the possibility for Apple to acquire Disney and to have a catalog of video content (and not only) to exploit in one or more services. Rosenblatt analysts believe that now is the perfect time to make the acquisition.


Analysts believe falling share prices due to the coronavirus emergency may be an opportunity for Apple. A possible acquisition could indeed bring huge benefits to both companies.

Disney CEO Bob Iger said last fall that if Steve Jobs was still alive, they would have seriously discussed the possibility of an acquisition. Starting precisely from this sentence, analyst Bernie McTernan believes that the current situation is the ideal time to end the operation. Indeed, Disney title has lost more than 30% of its value since the closure of its theme parks cause coronavirus.

Disney currently has a market capitalization of $ 167 billion, an important but gritty figure for Apple. With this acquisition, Apple would immediately have a lot of Disney content available, while Disney would immediately have a billion active devices available in the world, via a service already integrated into iOS and without having to install new applications.

In addition, the coronavirus epidemic is also slowing down the original productions of Apple TV +. This means that many series will be delayed, which will further limit the platform's already small catalog. Being able to deliver thousands of new Disney content overnight would certainly be a big advantage.