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Apple is the most popular company in the world in 2016

top 10 classement futurebrand 2016 - Apple est l

top 10 classement futurebrand 2016 - Apple est l


Posted: July 26 2016
Updated: August 16, 2017

by benjamin

When we talk about the most popular companies in the world, Apple is still often in the race (read: Apple: 2nd most “loved” brand on the Internet in 2016) and it frequently comes in first place. Besides, this is still the case this year. If the technology giant was overtaken by Google last year and was relegated to second position, it again holds the reins and rises to first place according to the 2016 ranking established by the cabinet FutureBrand.

top 10 futurebrand ranking 2016 - Apple is the most appreciated company in the world in 2016As a reminder, the FutureBrand Index 2016 ranks the 100 most popular companies in the world. To do this, the firm conducted a survey of 3000 individuals including individuals and professionals. This consists in particular of collecting their opinions on companies based on certain criteria such as the capacity for innovation, authenticity, trust, etc.

At the end of the survey, the firm with the apple thus comes out again winner and resumes its place of preferred company in the world. It is closely followed by Microsoft which is in second position this year, then by Samsung in third place. However, after occupying the pole position in 2015, Google (Alphabet) is today in 21st place.