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Apple is still working on a possible foldable iPhone

iPhone pliable

Will the foldable iPhone be released in the near future? Here is a question that it is good. Well, it seems that Apple is more interested in this idea, as evidenced by a new patent.

foldable iPhone

If Samsung and Huawei have already launched hostilities, with the Galaxy Fold and the Mate X respectively, Apple is not rushing headlong. As always, Cupertino seeks to solve the problem of folding the screen in a new patent. It will only be after extensive testing that perhaps Apple will launch a foldable iPhone. In other words, don't wait for several years.

Why is it taking so long? The foldable screen is the result of a technology that is still too little proven to flood the market. As proof, Samsung encountered serious problems with its Galaxy Fold. The South Korean firm even had to stop marketing quickly to work on a second version of the smartphone. The latter helped to correct the problem of the hinge and the screen film that the first users tended to remove thinking that it was a protective film.

To avoid these disappointments, Apple must therefore reflect on the best solution to avoid a failure in its production. Such a thing would cause a fall in the stock market and millions of dollars in production losses. And again, that's not to mention a possible recall of foldable iPhones after they are released.

foldable iPhone

Regarding the Huawei Mate X, the manufacturer has still not launched it. This is also the case with the Moto Razr, whose release has been delayed for reasons apparently linked to its foldable screen.

On the side of Cupertino, we take our time and protect our ideas in new patents. According to the latest, Apple seems to have solved the main problem with foldable devices.

foldable iPhone

The patent titled “Electronic devices with flexible screens and hinges”explains how Apple hopes to prevent screen crease from forming in the area where the notches are creased.

Apple’s plan to stem this problem is to reduce stress on the “crease” screen. From the images in this patent, we can see that the hinge designed by Apple slightly folds the screen outwards. Thus, the screen has more space when it is folded in on itself.

A foldable iPhone, good or bad idea? Let us know what you think in the comments.