Apple Manhattan

Apple is still looking for new Manhattan offices

Apple would still be looking for new offices in Manhattan, New York, according to a new Bloomberg report.

Apple manhattanPhoto: iMore

The report finds that Apple promised to create hundreds of New York jobs a year ago, but has not kept its promise since. Jim Underhill, CEO of Cresa, a city commercial real estate company, said the absence of Apple New York was "surprising."

A few months ago, we learned that Apple, and Facebook, was looking to rent James A. Farley's post office across from Madison Square Garden. And recently, it was announced that Facebook will now negotiate the rental of the building. This suggests that Apple lost the race or simply decided to choose elsewhere.

The report also said that Apple had examined a site on the Lower East Side, Essex Crossing, which could house more than 32,000 square feet of office space. Aside from a large apartment and a small head office, the only presence of Apple New York is in its Apple Store. In addition, Apple may consider signing a Pittsburgh business lease to secure space for several offices in the Pittsburgh Athletic Association building.

The latest Bloomberg report also seems to suggest that, contrary to rumors at the start of the year, it may take some time before Apple arrives with a massive New York presence.