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Apple is still applying price reductions in China (and nothing in France…)

Apple definitely wants to do good to the sales of his iPhone in China. It must be said that the figures for the apple brand at the end of 2018 were far from reassuring for its shareholders and managers. The crisis that affected iPhone sales is notably due to the conflict that is playing out between StatesUnited and Huawei : the latter is indeed suspected of spying by Donald Trump, current president of the USA. But that is far from enough to discourage Apple, which has been planning for a few weeks to market a red version of its iPhone XS, exclusively in China.

apple chine tim cook - Apple is still applying price reductions in China (and nothing in France ...)

Tim Cook had also announced that price cuts would occur in the country, to boost sales. It is now done, once again: the Reuters news agency indeed indicates that several important Chinese resellers (Suning,, Pinduoduo…) Have largely lowered the prices at which they sell the iPhone XS and XS Max. The first benefits, for example, from a 1000 yuan discount (i.e. € 130) while the second benefits from a promotion of 1700 yuan (around € 220).

Note that prices have not dropped on the official website of Apple. Only certain resellers were allowed to reduce the prices. As a reminder, in early January, the iPhone XR had the chance to experience a nice discount of 600 yuan, or 76 €, in China. Apple had also proposed the purchase of a new iPhone cheaper by bringing back its old model. According to Strategy Analytics, iPhone deliveries in China fell by 2.5 million units in 2018 …