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Apple is set to open its first Apple Store in Mexico soon

apple mexique - Apple devrait bientôt ouvrir son premier Apple Store au Mexique

apple mexique - Apple devrait bientôt ouvrir son premier Apple Store au Mexique


Posted: July 28 2016
Updated: July 28, 2016

by benjamin

Although it is already present in a large number of countries, Apple continues to expand today in order to make its mark all over the world. The brand continues to open stores in many cities. After announcing the inauguration of a new Apple Store in Brooklyn on July 30 and the upcoming opening of a store in Taiwan (read: Apple will soon open an Apple Store in Taiwan), the apple firm would plan to present to open one in Mexico.

apple mexico - Apple should soon open its first Apple Store in MexicoAfter Asia, it would seem that Apple is also starting to take an interest in Latin America, and it has chosen one of the most strategic countries in this part of America. Conquering the Mexican market first would allow it to ensure faster expansion towards other countries on the continent. Besides, from what we revealed AppleInsider, the store she is about to open in Mexico would be large compared to those around her.

Although we do not yet have all the information concerning this project, we do know that the future Apple Store in Mexico would have an area three times larger than the other surrounding shops. This would be installed in a shopping center in the city and is currently under construction. Mexicans will soon be able to get iPhones and other Apple products without having to travel to other countries.