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Apple is looking for partners for its iTV

Apple is looking for partners for its iTV

According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple is currently courting the media for its iTV. If nothing really concrete is put forward, the idea seems to have gone a long way already …

According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple is currently looking for partners for its famous iTV, and is discussing the functions of the device. Apple vice president Eddy Cue has had a series of meetings with leaders of several US media to discuss the future of television and iTV.

One of Apple’s most significant projects is the iTV, which is the creation of a television that would work by streaming system. Almost anything could be streamed from one Apple device to another, such as watching a movie that starts on iTV and continues on your iPhone or iPad. The opposite would also be possible since the iPhone could allow the film to be streamed directly on television … The entire system would be based on AirPlay, a technology from Apple that allows streaming from its various devices. Even more interesting, an iPhone could also serve as a remote control for the television in question.

The same report mentions the possibility of extending the Cloud function to this television, so that one could for example download a film, store it in the Cloud, and access it again from television. Of course, all of this is unofficial, Apple only having a few discussions with the majors, but there is no doubt that the idea of ​​an iTV is coming its way. Apple would also have directly contacted certain media to discuss with them the idea of ​​subscriptions to have formulas in "pack".

Other functions of Apple devices could also be used, such as Siri for example, which would control its television with its voice, but also a motion detection system to navigate the menus, a bit like what Microsoft already does with its Kinect camera on Xbox 360 in short. An idea that was also dear to Steve Jobbs well before the launch of Kinect, since the famous Apple leader already wanted to create a television controlled by voice and gestures.

It is rumored that this television will be scheduled for the period between mid-2012 and mid-2013, although negotiations seem to be at an early stage.

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