Apple is looking for an OLED engineer

Apple is looking for an OLED engineer

Apple has just posted a job posting to recruit a display technology engineer with advanced skills in OLED technology. This is the first time that the news site has seen an announcement from the Cupertino company openly referring to it.

This news hardly surprises us, we had already talked about the three OLED patents filed by Apple recently (Cfr. Apple: three patents on tactile OLED notches)

Apple states in its announcement that this person will be at the head of a team in charge of the design and development of the process of advanced display panels until the design of the products. Here is Apple's announcement as formulated by the firm:

* TFT device development & optimization on glass or plastic substrate * TFT backplane process integration development for LCD or OLED displays, including LTPS backplanes * Thin film deposition process development and characterizations * Photolithography and etching process development, including coating, developing, etching, stripping * Color filter process development, including black matrix, color resin material, coating, developing and ITO sputtering * Panel design & layout experiences in TFT device, TFT LCD circuit and SPICE simulation * Organic EL material & process and associated optical, power & reliability characterizations * LCD cell process development, including alignment layer material, rubbing, LC fill, sealant * Active-matrix backplane design & optimization for LCD or OLED applications and associated circuitry simulations * LCD or OLED optical characterization and overall design optimization

This information points to the direction Apple is taking regarding its screens, it is now almost certain that future generations of iPhone, iPod and iPad will benefit from OLED screens.

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