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Apple is hiring Qualcomm employees to install them on the opposite sidewalk


Posted: March 9 2019
Updated: March 8, 2019

by Steve

Apple has announced that it will hire up to 1,200 new employees in the US city of San Diego, which is also… the stronghold of Qualcomm. Difficult therefore not to see a provocation on the part of the apple brand, currently involved in a historic lawsuit against its former supplier.

A quick reminder of the facts: a few months ago, Qualcomm accused Apple of having stolen three different technological patents from it. One allows a smartphone to connect directly to the Internet as soon as it is turned on, another is linked to the autonomy of the smartphone, while the latter allows applications to download more data thanks to traffic managed by the phone processor and modem.

apple store san diego - Apple is hiring Qualcomm employees to install them on the opposite sidewalk

The day before yesterday, on the second day of trial, Apple counterattacked by asserting that the first of these patents had in fact been stolen by a Qualcomm employee, because it would not have cited an Apple employee who was yet involved in its creation.

And obviously, Apple has a playful spirit. Last December, Apple had already posted dozens of job offers in the city of San Diego: specialists in processors and wireless chips were sought. And today, while the apple brand is trying to develop its own modem (formerly supplied by Qualcomm), it announces that 200 new employees will support this year those already present in San Diego.