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Apple is against the new Russian law on smartphones

Russian President Vladimir Putin today signed the controversial law demanding that all smartphones, computers and smart TVs sold in the country have Russian software prinstalled. Apple's reaction was not long in coming.

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The standard does not require the removal of device manufacturer applications, but "only" to integrate local applications as well. Not all smartphones, computers and smart TVs without Russian prcharg software will be sold in Russia from July 2020.

Proponents say the law will help Russian developers better compete with foreign technology companies. Legislation has also been proposed as a means of preventing consumers from downloading software after purchasing a new device.

Online retailers have already criticized the law, which is expected to come into force on July 1 of next year, and said it was adopted without consultation. They fear that Russia will use pre-installed apps to spy on its citizens.

We still do not know how technology companies will react to this new law, even if Apple had already threatened to withdraw from the Russian market.

In response to President Putin's signature, a spokesman for Apple issued the statement: A mandate to add third-party applications Apple ecosystem would be a jailbreak. It would be a threat to security and society can not tolerate it.

According to the Moscow Times, the government will compile a list of software that technology companies will need to install and a list of devices. Among them, there will be all smartphones sold in the country.