Apple is about to review the design of its Macs

Apple is about to review the design of its Macs

Apple seems to be reviewing the look of its Macbook. According to a document filed with the European Patent Office, the Cupertino company is developing a laptop computer with a "flexible portion allowing the rigid material to fold in half" without using a traditional mechanical hinge.


Apple's patent mentions that the case of the device (or a portion of it) can "be made from a single rigid material while providing flexibility and movement to close it."

Patent images show that the curve of this "living hinge", as the firm calls it, does not succumb to the current trend, which is extreme finesse. Quite the contrary. Imposing, however, it offers the device a more uniform appearance.

Microsoft opted for a similar style in 2015. The device’s “Dynamic Fulcrum” hinge supports a detachable notch, which makes Surface Books versatile. Laptop with removable and clip-on screen, the Surface Book has a tablet mode.

Will Apple's version offer additional advantages (if it is one day adopted by the brand)? Case to follow.