Apple: iPhone XR is the star of smartphones 2019

Image 1 : Apple : l’iPhone XR est la star des smartphones 2019

The iPhone XR is the best-selling smartphone of 2019, ahead of those of the leader in telephony Samsung. With its more affordable price and its comprehensive technical features, the XR also beat Apple’s flagship model.

IPhone XR is a Counterpoint Research Report the best-selling smartphone of 2019 in all countries of the world combined. In the last quarter, sales of the iPhone XR represented $ 3 of global sales of mobile phones. The report also says that the XR alone contributed more than a quarter of Apple’s total sales during the quarter.

Image 1: Apple: iPhone XR is the star of smartphones 2019

Good news for the apple brand, which despite a drop in iPhone sales in recent months, is finally ahead of its Korean competitor Samsung, whose Galaxy A10 and A50 take second and third places in the ranking. They are followed by Oppo A9, then by iPhone 11, which sneaked into the fifth best-selling smartphone this last quarter of 2019.

The Top 10 continues with successively Oppo A5s, Samsung Galaxy A20, Oppo A5, Xiaomi Redmi A7 and Huawei P30. Despite its one million copies sold, no Galaxy Fold in the ranking, which remains dominated by relatively more mid-range or even entry-level models. The prices of the iPhone XR and Galaxy A10 and A50 have also been lowered by the two manufacturers in countries like China and India, in order to “Maintain demand”says an analyst from Counterpoint Research.

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With the arrival of 5G on the market, new models should appear in the ranking of the first quarter of 2020. In the meantime, the XR continues to enjoy its popularity and its price continues to fall, including in Europe.

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