Webinar WWDC

Apple invites some developers to a pre-WWDC 2020 webinar

As you know, WWDC 2020 will be held exclusively online due to the COVID-19 pandemic which has also affected the United States. Before the conference itself, Apple will host a webinar on open accessibility for some developers.

WWDC Webinar

The developers have been invited by email and will be able to register for the live event to be held on April 23. The webinar explains how developers can improve their applications by supporting accessibility features. Even more interesting, all guest developers will be able to interact with Apple engineers during the online event.

At Apple, we believe technology is more powerful when it empowers everyone. Join us for an online event to find out how you can take advantage of premium serial accessibility features on Apple devices. You can ask questions during and after the sessions and register for individual consultations.

While the idea of ​​an interactive webinar is necessary but also great for developers, it can be part of a larger project. As Apple will soon launch its first fully online WWDC, this accessibility event could be an opportunity to test the platform that will be used to broadcast the World Developers Conference in June.

The live webinar of April 23 is open to a few selected developers, but Apple is likely to be able to release the entire video immediately afterwards.