Apple invests $ 2.5 billion for California housing crisis

Apple park - Apple investit 2,5 milliards de dollars pour la crise du logement en Californie


Posted: November 5 2019Updated: November 5, 2019

by Steve

The apple brand is not only focused on the sale of its iPhone, iPad and Mac. Well, at least that’s what she wants to believe, sinceApple recently announced that it will want to put as much as $ 2.5 billion on the table to solve the California housing crisis.

Apple park - Apple invests $ 2.5 billion for California housing crisis

Based in the said state, the Cupertino company would indeed end this crisis which has seen property prices soar in recent years. The demand for new housing is indeed much greater than the supply of available housing. A crisis that also pushes many people to live on the street.

To solve this huge problem, Apple has announced a 2.5 billion dollar aid plan. One billion will be used to build new financially accessible housing, while a second billion will be used to help first-time buyers. $ 300 billion will go to building projects, and $ 200 million will go to an aid fund for the poor and vulnerable. Finally, $ 50 million will be distributed to charity houses. A nice little ad from the apple brand which wants to show that it too, despite the iPhones sold for 1000 euros, defends the oppressed.