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Apple intends to buy Twitter?

Apple intends to buy Twitter?

An article published Monday on the site of Forbes is causing a sensation right now. Very speculative, it assumes that Apple has a great opportunity to enter the redemption spiral with Instagram, branding Facebook as one of the biggest assets of the App Store. Cupertino could make up for this mistake by buying the Twitter social network. But would that make sense for California society?

On after Forbes, Twitter must be bought out in the coming years. The business model of the company simply does not work and must evolve in a much larger ecosystem. Only three gloves in the industry would be able to buy Twitter: Apple, Google and Microsoft. The second has already bought Youtube and Motorola and must above all think of stabilizing, the last has been much more interested in Facebook in the past and has never really approached Twitter. Apple therefore remains as the only possible buyer. But what interest could the social network have for a manufacturer of computers and smartphones?

The website estimates that Apple may see a financial interest in the long term, especially with regard to the data from millions of users who could be used to target advertising, including iAd. The takeover of Twitter would boost the number of iAd customers in an impressive way and could allow Apple to arm itself for the launch of its famous iTV, which will also require a lot of advertising, and therefore experience. This investment would also diversify the activities of the Californian glove. Yes, but…

Yes, but Apple has never bought a company offering services on other platforms. In the case of Twitter, already present on Android and Windows Phone, to withdraw service from these platforms would be to shoot themselves in the foot, and to keep them would be against Apple's policy. In addition, the investment would certainly be over $ 10 billion and could have disastrous consequences on the market, Apple can easily drag its competitors into a hellish spiral of takeovers.

In practice therefore, if the takeover of Twitter remains “plausible” and that Apple indeed seems the best positioned for an acquisition, it is still necessary to measure the interest of Cupertino in this company and especially the interest of Apple for the takeover of companies, Cupertino being mainly happy to acquire small R&D companies today.

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