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Apple: Instructions for organizing a leak …

As you will have noticed and if you follow the rumors of recent months, Apple will not have really created THE surprise last Wednesday, on the occasion of the last keynote, by presenting the iPad.

The rules of communication have they changed within Cupertino where the secret -absolu- is used to be? For example, the presentation of the first generation iPod in 2001 where no one expected to land such a product. Such a situation with the iPhone which has rather created a nice surprise effect but as far as the iPad is concerned, it is clear that the Tablet has been the subject of rumors in the media for many months.

This is to wonder if the communication strategy of the Cupertino company would have been faulty at this time or if on the contrary, a new strategy would be implemented where one might believe the hypothesis … of a leak organized by Apple himself!

The site also takes its hypothesis on this subject and even suggests that you find a user manual. "Escape organization". You will understand, it is about spreading the buzz and this, as discreetly as possible …

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