Apple in India: iPhone sales still do not take off ...

Apple in India: iPhone sales still do not take off …

Apple NewsThe story of Apple in India, and more particularly that of the iPhone, still knows no happy chapters. While Apple has launched its smartphones in several emerging countries, sales in the latter still do not slip.

They are so low that the market shares held by Apple do not exceed 1% … The main reason? The low quality of service that would not reassure consumers.

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IPhone sales in India are still at a standstill

According to the latest report published by RedQuanta, a company specializing in market research, Apple's unpopularity comes from the quality of services provided in India. Of all the mobile manufacturers in the country, Apple has the lowest rating, but is it really his fault?

Because what does not specify RedQuanta none of the service centers set up in the country are third-party companies that Apple can not really manage.

So we can ask the question of the Indian decision prohibiting the Apple to open its own shops in the sector …