Apple in dispute over iPad name

Apple in dispute over iPad name

The iPad is in danger! The Guangdong Provincial Court in China is said to have issued a negative opinion last December concerning the use of the name "iPad", forcing Apple to appeal. Apple has indeed bought the name "iPad" from a Chinese company that was not present when the deal was signed. The company is said to have demanded a ban on the iPad from China and an immediate payment of $ 636,000 to the Shenzhen court in the south of the country.

The case is likely to make a stir. In 2006, Apple bought the rights to the Fujitsu name “iPad” for the American market and the Taiwanese subsidiary Proview for international rights. The trouble is that the document was signed by the subsidiary, not the parent company, based in Shenzhen, which did not even attend the negotiations and which seeks to recover the sum which it considers to have been lost.

Proview demanded in Shenzhen court that the iPad be banned from sales in China and that Apple pay him $ 636,000 in compensation. Apple would have faced Proview in the Guangdong provincial court but would have lost the first round, the general surprise. Since then, the American glove is said to have appealed in January, and is currently awaiting a new judgment.

The case is believed to be relatively large in China, as it could create serious marketing concerns for Apple and force the company to pay large sums of money Proview if it fails.

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(Source: AppleInsider)