Apple in court for Siri and FaceTime!

Apple in court for Siri and FaceTime!


Posted: August 7 2012Updated: August 7, 2012

by TanguyH

After almost a year of using the Siri technology and two years of using the FaceTime communication system, Apple is in court in China.

siri criticism analysis apple iphone - Apple in court for Siri and FaceTime!

Taiwanese man sues Cupertino, the HQ ofApple, saying that the company would not respect the patents that the man would hold. Indeed the man would be in possession of a patent of “Voice Network Personal Digital Assistant” which would cover the two technologies used by Apple.

The man would have received these patents in 2003 by being the Vice President of a company working in this field, once the President left the company the patents were put in his name.

The trial will begin next month, but the Taiwanese man knows he is in a strong position. He does not yet know how much damages he intends to claim, however he has already announced to Apple that he would like the company to abandon these 2 technologies. Knowing Apple, it will not happen as easily!