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Apple in 17th position in the Fortune 500 ranking

Apple in 17th position in the Fortune 500 ranking

The Fortune site has released its traditional ranking of the 500 American companies with the highest gross revenues. At the very top of the ranking, there are companies like Exxon, General Motors and even HP. Apple is in 17th position, far ahead of its eternal rival Microsoft, which occupies the 37th position.


In the ranking established by the American magazine Fortune, Apple finds itself in a good position since it occupies second place in the technology sector, only a few steps from HP. From the top of its 108 billion dollars, Apple can look down on its eternal rival Microsoft, which is barely exceeding 70 billion in gross revenue. The two gloves, on the other hand, achieve relatively identical profits despite the difference in gross revenues with a little over 25 million for Apple, and a little over 23 million for Microsoft. Figures to say the least interesting which should continue to progress in 2012 according to analysts, with on the one hand the success of the new iPad and the arrival of the iPhone 5, and on the other hand the arrival of Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and Office 365.

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