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Apple improves search for albums on Apple Music

Apple Music - fonction recherche

Apple Music has a new feature that makes it easier to find a particular version of an album.

Apple Music - search function

Thanks to this new function, if there are several versions of the same album, then Music lists them in a section called “Other versions”. You'll find them just below the album song list.

note that this function was already present on the Beats Music streaming service, before its acquisition by Apple. For example, if you are going to see the Death Cab for Cutie page in Music, you will only see in the list a version of the album from the group called Transatlanticism, in order to avoid duplicates. However, as soon as you open this album, we will notice the “Other versions” section. This is where you will find the Dmo and Tenth Anniversary versions.

While this is not revolutionary, it is interesting to note that Apple has made the decision to integrate it with its service. This allows albums to be viewed in a more orderly fashion.