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Apple I sold for $ 815,000 at auction

apple I encheres - Un Apple I vendu 815 000 dollars aux enchères

apple I encheres - Un Apple I vendu 815 000 dollars aux enchères


Posted: Aug 30 2016
Updated: August 30, 2016

by Nicolas

A recent auction saw a computer Apple i to be awarded $ 815,000. Still, his buyer thought he was ready to pay much more. Like many computer hardware companies, there was a first version and for Apple it is the Apple I. And a model of this device was recently auctioned for charity.

The auction has therefore ended and the buyer, Glenn Dellimore, spent $ 815,000 to win the device. But Glenn Dellimore, manager of the cosmetics brand GlamGlow, thought he was not paying so little. He estimated that he should put nearly $ 2 million on the table to acquire it.

apple I auctions - An Apple I sold for $ 815,000 at auctionThe Apple I that was sold is a bit special. It seems to be a working version not intended for sale, because the motherboard does not have the same components as those of the computers sold at the time. So it could beone of the very first Apple I, if not the first, which is why Glenn Dellimore thought he would pay more.

The winning Apple I will be displayed in a museum and its new owner believes it will increase in value over time. In all, $ 81,500, 10% of the amount spent, will be donated to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.