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Apple hires new engineers dedicated to Siri development

Apple hires new engineers dedicated to Siri development

Apple is looking for engineers whose role will be to further develop Siri functionality.

Launched in the crowd of the iPhone 4S, the Siri functionality is currently still in beta phase. So far, the new feature has been able to impress with its speech recognition performance but the latter quickly shows its limits in terms of its limited functionality only the iOS.

It is certainly with this in mind that Apple has recently offered two new job offers which concern the hiring of two new engineers. The profile of the vacancies speaks volumes: they relate directly to tasks dedicated to improving the experience linked to Siri functionality. Better yet, one of the offers clearly mentions that the work carried out must relate to the development of an API linked to the new functionality. “This API should serve multiple Apple external customers and be as easy to use as possible.”, indicates description.

note that Siri is currently using Wikipedia, Yelp and Wolfram Alpha. Subsequently, other services could be added to this offer without relying on developers who could also integrate it into their application (s).

Engineering positions offered by Apple: here and the.

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