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Apple hires laid-off workers earlier this month

Apple hires laid-off workers earlier this month

Apple has decided to change its policy. After dismissing several Apple Store employees earlier this month, Cupertino reversed its decision. On the other hand, overtime will be much reduced and the budgets allocated to training reduced.

A few weeks ago, Apple was laying off part of the employees part-time in several Apple Stores. A highly critical decision to which the company is reconsidering today. All the dismissed employees have reportedly been hired by the firm since.

On the other hand, it would seem that the other decisions taken on the same day were not reviewed. The daily life of employees of Apple Stores will therefore be a little less rosy in the future … For example, overtime will be much more limited, with a drastic reduction in the additional working time available to each employee. Fewer training courses will also be planned, the budget having been reduced.

At the same time, Apple has also changed its course of action. Employees will now be pushed to sell accessories using the EasyPay app. A policy without any logic since these sales are recorded in the name of the store and not of the seller, who cannot include them in his performance. Obviously, this strategy would have been imposed by Ron Johnson and Oppenheimer, who aim to increase the profitability of the Stores, even sacrificing the well-being of the employees and the customer. It remains to be seen whether these few problems will really have an impact on the operation of the Stores …

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(Source: 9to5mac)