Apple hired to increase product safety

Apple hired to increase product safety

It is in a desire to increase the security of its customers in the business that Apple has recently hired cybersecurity experts. Several sources – including All Things Digital – have recently confirmed the hiring of several people whose function will be to strengthen computer security at Apple. Efforts have reportedly intensified at Apple in recent years to gain the trust of businesses and government agencies that have started adopting the iPhone and iPad.

Last year, Apple had already recruited the chief computer security officer of the Mozilla foundation (who was also in charge of the development of the important Windows Service Pack 2 update) as main product manager for the security.

Corridor noises recently indicated that the Cupertino company had entered into a partnership with Unisys, a company specializing in computer security. In an interview agreement in october Apple Insider, one of the executives of the company had already indicated that "of the great means" had set up around the security of the iPhone.

The fact remains that Apple has made significant strides in the corporate market. When communicating on its latest financial results, the Cupertino company noted that 88 of the 100 largest companies in California had already passed the iPhone, and that more than 80 of them, were using (or were deploying) ) the iPad as a working tool.

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