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Apple headphones: after the EarPods, the AirPods?

Earpods - Écouteurs Apple : après les EarPods, les AirPods ?

Earpods - Écouteurs Apple : après les EarPods, les AirPods ?

After the traditional EarBuds then them EarPods introduced in September 2012, it seems thatApple think about offering a second major update to its famous white headphones. The rumor, launched in a recent report posted online by MacRumors, comes from a patent filing made by the Cupertino company for the brand AirPods.

Earpods - Apple headphones: after EarPods, AirPods?Regarding this AirPods brand, Apple (which preferred to use the name ” Entertainment in Flight, LLC “As owner) has registered 3 classes of products: class 9, which corresponds according to the INPI to scientific apparatus and instruments, class 38 related to telecommunications and class 41 for education, training, entertainment, activities sporting and cultural.

There is therefore a good chance of seeing new headphones bearing the sweet name of AirPods appear in the coming months. Impossible to know, however, whether they will be wired or not, but that would not be surprising on the part of Apple, which could follow the example of its new wireless Beats headsets.