Apple hasn't sold enough iPhones

Apple hasn't sold enough iPhones

Apple launched the market on Tuesday, posting an annual net profit up 85% but still below expectations, $ 25.22 billion, with a fourth quarter penalized by the slowdown in iPhone sales.

According to the CNBC financial chain, it is the first time since 2004 that Apple provides results below analysts' expectations. Analyst Jon Ogg of specializes even if Apple had not reached a peak whose descent would be inviting, saying "after Steve Jobs ”.

The stock fell sharply after these results, losing 6.45% to 395 dollars in electronic trading after the close of the stock market. Relative to the number of shares and excluding exceptional items, the annual profit returns 27.68 dollars, while analysts expected 27.77 dollars. The disappointment came from the July-September period, when earnings per share remained $ 7.05, well below expected $ 7.28. Still, quarterly net profit climbed 54% to $ 6.62 billion.

100 billion dollars sold in one year

This is the first time in its history that the Cupertino group (California, western United States) has sold more than $ 100 billion in products in one year.

For Peter Misek, of Jefferies, “the disappointment is entirely” due to the slowdown in iPhone sales: while they had doubled again in the previous quarter, this time they only increased by 21% over a year, 17, 07 million units.

In addition to the profits, the turnover also remained below what analysts hoped for: it reached 28.27 billion dollars for the quarter (against 29.45 billion expected) and 108.25 billion dollars for the anne (109.15 billion expected).

However, the group's forecasts for the holiday quarter exceed expectations: Apple expects a turnover of 37 billion dollars (against 36.6 billion expected by analysts) and a profit per share of 9.30 dollars (against 8.98).

New CEO Tim Cook hailed “a very solid end for a remarkable exercise". “We are on a good year for the holiday season, and remain enthusiastic about our products in preparation”, he added. Cook said the "numerous rumors and speculations" during the summer about the imminent release of a new model had led consumers to postpone their purchases.

Four million 4S iPhones sold in 3 days

In fact, the new iPhone 4S, released only last Friday, three weeks after the end of the year under review, had a record launch, with more than four million devices sold in three days in seven countries.

Asked about the risk of a stock-out, Cook said the group had prepared "a wide offer". “I am confident that we will break all records for the iPhone this quarter”, he said.

Sales of iPad tablets almost tripled (+ 166%), without hampering growth in sales of Mac computers (+ 26% 4.89 million units). Only iPod player sales fell by 27% to 6.62 million units.

Referring to the group’s international development, which will open three-quarters of its next stores outside the United States, Cook noted the explosion of the Chinese market, already the second largest in the world for Apple products. "I have never seen a country with so many people joining the middle class", he said.

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(Source: AFP.)