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Apple has started the reimbursement process for the new iPad in Australia

Apple concedes refund for iPad 4G in Australia

Obliged by Australian justice to reimburse the new iPad to buyers who feel overwhelmed by the lack of 4G, Apple began the reimbursement procedure by specifying a deadline for this vast operation.

Apple has started emailing buyers of the new iPad in Australia. The message is clear: they have until April 25 to return their purchase in good condition to the store. After this time, there will be no more refunds. The decision to reimburse buyers lss by the announcement of 4G compatibility (non-existent outside the USA and Canada) was taken a few days ago in court. We imagine that some buyers due will probably take the opportunity to bring back their device …

If you purchased your iPad before March 28 and thought it would work with Australian 4G LTE or WIMAX networks, you can return it to us before April 25 for a full refund, provided it is not damaged.

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