Apple Store Chine

Apple has reopened 10 more of its Apple Stores in China

Apple has announced that it has reopened 10 other stores across China, which were initially closed due to the coronavirus epidemic.

Apple Store China

The 10 Apple Stores in China therefore reopen from today on February 19, with hours limited to 11h 18h or 12h 18h (hours vary from one store to another):

  • Apple Chengdu Vientiane City
  • Mela Chengdu Taikoo Li
  • Apple Dalian Han Lung Plaza
  • Apple Centennial City
  • Apple Pearl River New City
  • Apple Sky Plaza
  • Apple Quingdao Vientiane City
  • Apple Hong Kong Plaza
  • Apple Nanjing East Road
  • Apple pudong

In recent days, Apple had already reopened the 5 stores in Pkin, but still limited hours. The company has yet to announce the reopening date for other stores in the country.