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Apple guide to move content from Android to iPhone

from Android phone to iPhone Apple Guide to move content from Android to iPhone

Apple seems to be really sure that some Android users will soon migrate to the iPhone 6. Indeed, now that the company has two devices with larger screens, which Android users mainly seek, Apple believes that ‘they will want to upgrade to the iPhone.

The giant of Cupertino has just put online a new web page / help document to support Android mobile phone users in transferring their content to an iPhone.Apple has never done this kind of thing before, it’s usually the competition that does that. The guide provides useful and practical tips on how to move your contacts, messages, calendar, photos, videos and music from your Android phone to iPhone.

It also contains information on how to use iTunes, iCloud and other storage apps available on the iPhone. Android users will find it can be a bit complicated since you don’t really need software like iTunes to move content to and from an Android phone.

So, would you be ready to drop your Android phone for the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus?

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