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Apple: Google Street View about to be atomized by Look Around?


Posted: June 17, 2019
Updated: June 16, 2019

by Steve

The announcement had gone relatively unnoticed, and yet. The apple brand has decided to jump on the heels of the giant Google and to offer, like him, its real-time geolocation tool, images to support it. In the manner of Street view, Look Around, unveiled by Apple a few weeks ago at the WorldWide Developers Conference, you will be able to view streets around the world with a simple click or touch.

And thanks to Twitter user Reüel van der Steege, we were able to get an extract of what Look Around could look like against the tenor Google Street View. And the least we can say is that the result is already impressive. The demo advanced by the user shows the two applications side by side on the same road in Hawaii, in the United States.

Apple’s technology, much more recent, seems pretty well done. She uses perfectly calibrated morphs to combine each individual photo taken by the Apple brand cars. At the moment, because of its announcement that was made only a few days ago, Apple is not as large as Google and Look Around does not cover as much territory as Street View. But the beginning is there, and it is impressive! Look Around will be present in Apple Plans from iOS 13.