Apple Glass: the firm would focus on lightness and autonomy

Apple Glass will soon be entitled to their first functional prototype according to a new report taken up by the DigiTimes site. Apple is said to have set itself the goal of refining both the design and the technical part of the augmented reality glasses, focusing on lightness and autonomy.

Apple Glass
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Apple Glass takes shape every day. Since at least 2019, the announcements around future connected glasses stamped Apple have multiplied. It must be said that Apple is known to really transform industries with products that achieve alchemy often considered – wrongly – impossible or superfluous.

We can say it for the iPhone, for example, which does not correspond to the invention of the smartphone as such, but to a turning point in the industry. More recently it seems that Apple has given us another example with the switch from macs to ARM. The manufacturer is not the first to do so, but so far the examples available on the market such as the Surface Pro X are struggling to convince.

Apple is advancing in the development of its connected glasses

In terms of augmented / mixed reality, there were often very attractive attempts, before the products in question collided with reality. We can talk about Google Glass, or even Hololens helmets. The price and the applications weren’t there yet. With Apple Glass, the Cupertino company already has some good cards in its pocket. First of all its R&D teams, whose reputation is well established.

The firm has long cultivated its interest in augmented reality, whether with ARKit the set of APIs around augmented reality, or the generalization of LiDAR depth sensors in its iPhone Pro and iPad Pro. The Apple Store already has a large community of developers around augmented reality with already a good selection of applications, such as Complete Anatomy, Minecraft Earth, iScape, JigSpace, Plantale and many others.

We know that the success of a product is largely linked to what we can really do with it when it is released. According to DigiTimes the project is in any case well advanced. The latest report from the Taiwanese site explains that the project is entering its second phase, with a third phase planned in the coming months. At the end of this 3rd phase, Apple will have a functional prototype.

The various engineering tests will follow for 6 to 9 months. Digitimes teaches us in passing that Apple relies on two characteristics to attract the general public: lightness, and autonomy. Which is rather promising, these two aspects being critical to popularize the technology. The new report from DigiTimes gives no new indication of the release date of Apple’s glasses.

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According to a report from an internal meeting, Apple would nevertheless have planned to announce Apple Glass in the course of 2021 with a launch in 2022.

Source: DigiTimes