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Apple Gets the Rights Lisey’s Story, a Stephen King Novel


Posted: April 11 2019
Updated: April 10, 2019

by Steve

To expand the sound catalog Apple TV +, which is likely to be quite empty compared to that of Netflix, for example, the Cupertino company wants to multiply purchases and big coup de com. The latest one? The purchase of rightsLisey’s story, a novel of the genius of horror, Stephen King. He will play a very special role: that of screenwriter of the eight episodes of the series, according to Hollywood Reporter.

apple roman lisey stephen king story - Apple claims the rights Lisey Story, a Stephen King novel

The History of Lisey is a fantastic and horror novel published in the United States in 2006. It tells the story of the widow of a screen which will have, while facing the illness of its sister, to plunge into the repressed memories she had with her husband. The latter would have had a curse and a gift. An entire program.

Among the personalities selected to be part of the project, there is the excellent actress Julianne Moore who will play the main role, that of Lisey. JJ Abrams and Ben stephenson of Bad Robot Productions will be the executive producers of the series. The details are still meager and we will have to wait for more information from the apple brand to find out more. Especially since the director is not yet known, nor the start date of filming and even less its release date.