Apple gets the mto Dark Sky app

Apple gets the mto Dark Sky app

Dark Sky, a very popular weather app on iOS, is now owned by Apple. The development team announces the news both in the app and on its blog, where we learn that the iOS version remains in place it is not available in France at a price of $ 3.99. Will the new owner offer it for free? unless Apple wants to integrate it into iOS itself to replace the Mto app. In this case, it will mean that the iPad will win FINALLY its own Mto app

Dark Sky on iPad.

It should also be expected that the Mto widget will be powered by Dark Sky, and no longer by Weather Channel. As for the Android and Wear OS versions, they pass the ace: from July 1, these variations will close. Subscribers will receive a refund if necessary. The functions of the website (forecasts, maps, integrations embed) also remain active until July 1; it will remain open thereafter to support the API and the iOS application.

The API that developers use to power their own apps (we think the irreverent Carrot Weather) will continue to work until the end of next year. Dark Sky is an application regularly promoted by Apple in its store. It may not be the prettiest of the lot, but its hyper-localized forecast functions by the minute, followed by the movement of the storms, granular management of notifications, time machine have caught in the eye of Apple.

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