Apple France publishes its sentence on its site for clamping down on its iPhone

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Posted: February 8 2020Updated: February 8, 2020

by Steve

World is Small told you about it yesterday: Apple France was sentenced by the courts to a record fine of 25 million euros for “deceptive marketing practice by omission”. Apple has intentionally clamped down on its iPhones without warning users, with the aim of relieving the processor of the devices because of the ever-increasing new updates.

In addition to the fine, the apple brand also had another obligation: to publish the conviction on its site, as a celebrity newspaper would do after losing a lawsuit. Here is what the firm indicates on its French site:

glowingapplelogo - Apple France publishes its condemnation on its site for having clamped its iPhone

“During the month of December 2017, the public prosecutor of the Paris tribunal de grande instance received a complaint from a consumer association. This complaint relates to the Apple group, for facts which would have consisted in particular in the diffusion of updates of the operating system iOS causing a slowing down of certain iPhones, without having previously informed the customers and users.

At the end of its investigation, the National Service of Investigations of the DGCCRF estimates that the Apple group committed the crime of deceptive commercial practice by omission (article L. 121-3 of the code of consumption) by not revealing to consumers and users , the presence of a dynamic power management system included in the iOS updates from version 10.2.1 and which, under certain conditions, can slow the operation of iPhones of categories 6, 7 and SE , especially those with old batteries. A crime report was sent to the public prosecutor. With the agreement of the public prosecutor, a significant transactional fine was proposed to the company Apple Inc. which accepted it. ”