Apple forces production lines to reduce working hours

Apple forces production lines to reduce working hours

Apple seems to have made an important decision in recent days, vis – à – vis its suppliers. Cupertino has just forced the adoption of new rules that will reduce the number of working hours to avoid accidents, while increasing the wages of some employees. A big step forward?

As we know, the situation of workers poses major Apple image problems. The company has embarked on a whole series of measures to correct its brand image and reduce work accidents on its Asian assembly lines.

TTM Technologies and Foxconn have just announced a reduction in maximum working hours, which work 49 at Foxconn. To make up for this shortfall in employees, wages are also raised by a few yuan. These new measures should make it possible to avoid new accidents at work related to fatigue.

How did Apple manage to force its partners to apply these new rules? Cupertino simply threatened to affect the gross margins of these companies if they did not quickly decrease the maximum hours allowed.

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