Apple: Flashback Malware Removal Tool available

apple 640x3302 - Apple :


Posted: April 14 2012Updated: September 19, 2013

by TanguyH

Today Apple has released a small free and practical tool for all its Mac users: the ‘Flashback Malware Removal Tool’

apple 640x3302 - Apple: Flashback Malware Removal Tool available

The message is quite simple:

  1. Make your Apple update, especially those of Java.
  2. Go to the websiteApple> Support> software update> Flashback Malware Removal Tool
  3. Install this software

If you are infected at any time, whether it is already there or it is yet to come, Apple will display a message on your Mac indicating that the ‘Flashback Virus’ has been removed.

We remind you that this software is essential because to date more than 660,000 Macs have been infected with this virus which can have terrible consequences!