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Apple fires suppliers who don’t meet green standards


Posted: March 12 2019
Updated: March 11, 2019

by Steve

Apple aims to become a green business. Whether by conviction or opportunism, we can only salute the apple brand for being one of those companies that are committed to the planet and the environment, using renewable energies and recycled materials. The fact remains that it imports and exports its iPhone around the world by increasing air travel. That said, let’s not play the mouths and welcome Apple’s efforts in the field.

These efforts are reflected in particular by the attitude of the brand towards its suppliers. In order to force them to meet ecological and ethical obligations, the Cupertino company threatens to end the contracts of factories that do not meet its environmental commitments. So far 20 factories have paid the price. Brutal.

apple ecolo - Apple transfers its suppliers who do not respect its ecological standards

It is through 770 audits conducted in 2018 that Apple learned about these factories. The fact that Apple is a very large manufacturer delights all the factories that have the opportunity to work for it. The dominant position of the company therefore forces its partners to respect commitments.

If a supplier refuses or is unable to meet our requirements, we end our commercial relations with him Said the report, according to the Financial Review website. Suppliers were given a deadline to comply with the standards. If they can’t, they can say goodbye to the apple brand.