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Apple finally agrees to repair iPhone with an unofficial battery

Until now, it was forbidden (or almost). When you went to a Apple Store, looking for a repairer Genius bar to fix your faulty iPhone, you absolutely had to subject your phone to meticulous checks by expert employees. If it turns out that your iPhone had an unofficial battery, changed by a third party because “it was too expensive at Apple”, then Apple employees could send your iPhone back to you without even repairing it or l ‘to exchange.

Well, sometimes the “Genius” (name given to Apple technicians) crashed or simply did not see the battery change. Suddenly, your smartphone was replaced and you pay your new iPhone only 49 or 69 €, depending on the model.

iphone x battery - Apple finally agrees to repair iPhone with an unofficial battery

Now, according to iGen, if the repair is not related to the unofficial battery, then technicians can ignore it and do what they did. If the repair is related to the unofficial battery, then the technicians can replace it with an official one, for 49, 69 or 89 €. On the other hand, if the repairers cannot remove this unofficial battery, then you will have to carry out a ” replacement charged at full unit rate According to a technician. In other words, as long as your unofficial document is difficult to remove, it is the price of an iPhone that awaits you!

If the Apple Store responsible for the repair encounters a problem with a non-original component, Apple reserves the right to “vou return the product without repairing it and may ask you to pay all the diagnostic costs indicated. Apple is not responsible for damage to the product during repair due to unauthorized modifications, or repair or replacement not performed by Apple or an Apple Authorized Service Center. “, Asserts the brand in its general conditions of use. If the measure already existed, it was hardly applied: it is now a thing of the past.