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Apple files yet another patent for a foldable iPhone


Posted: October 24 2018
Updated: February 6, 2019

by David

A week after the declaration of the CEO of Samsung who announced working on a foldable smartphone, Apple filed yet another patent for a foldable iPhone. At the same time, other large groups like Huawei are increasingly interested in this technology.

In its patent, Apple describes “dFlexible screens can be mounted on the parts of the housing overlapping the hinges. (…) The hinge can be configured so that the flexible screen can be placed in a front panel ” As often, American firm remains vague on what could be used such a functionality in the future.

Foldable iPhone patent 739x370 - Apple files yet another patent for a foldable iPhone

The patent filed by Apple suggests that the screen will be foldable, like a book. No manufacturer has, to date, offered such a phone. Those sold in the past consisted of two separate screens. Apple imagined a smartphone capable of folding in on itself in two, even in three parts. It could therefore be in the form of a laptop or a small TV.

In the end, it should be noted that there is nothing to indicate that a patent can lead to commercialization. However, the Cupertino company certainly does not intend to leave the field completely free to its competitors in the field of flexible smartphones.