Apple files patent for on-screen fingerprint reader

Apple files patent for on-screen fingerprint reader

A patent that could well signify the big return of Touch ID in a more modern version.

With the release of iPhone X in 2017, Apple made a cross on its Touch ID fingerprint reader in favor of Face ID, an advanced facial recognition system. A disappearance that had not necessarily convinced fans of the Apple. Fortunately, it seems that the Californian firm is somehow backtracking.

Indeed, the time for fingerprint readers on the screen, the Apple would be developing its own technology. to believe the patent filed by the firm with the competent authorities, Apple would have developed the future Touch ID.

According to the patent repr Patently apple, it would indeed be a fingerprint reader technology placed under the screen called Apples Next-Gen Touch ID. An optical sensor located behind the screen for a variety of devices like the Apple Watch.

It would also be question that this technology is present several times on the screen, allowing digital recognition in several places on the smartphone.

Although Apple has managed to get its patent accepted, there is no official indication that it will use it in practice, but it still seems very likely. Today, on-screen sensors are becoming the norm.

As for knowing when this technology will appear on the iPhone, we would rather look for 2021. The recent rumors do not actually refer to this type of technology on the iPhone of 2020. We will therefore have to wait.