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Apple files lawsuit against Samsung in Japan

Apple files lawsuit against Samsung in Japan

Apple was dismissed by a Tokyo court on Friday over its lawsuit against Samsung it accused of infringing its patents in the Japanese arm of the global legal war pitting the two computer gloves.


“The defendant's products do not seem to use the same technology as the applicant's products, we therefore reject the applicant's arguments and consider that the cost of the legal proceedings will be paid by him”, said judge Tamotsu Shoji.

The court, made up of three judges, found that the technologies deployed by the Galaxy smartphones and tablets of the South Korean group did not infringe the patents of the iPhone and iPad of its American competitor.

Apple claimed 100 million yen (1 million euros) from Samsung for unauthorized copying of synchronized music and video transfer techniques. Samsung immediately welcomed the court ruling, although Apple can still appeal.

“We are living up to the court’s verdict which confirms our long standing position that our products do not violate Apple’s intellectual property. We will continue to offer very innovative products and contribute to the development of the mobile industry ”, said the South Korean group in a press release.

An Apple Tokyo spokesperson contacted by AFP declined to comment.

This judgment is in any case against that rendered on August 24 by a court in San Jose in California (western United States), which condemned Samsung to pay 1.05 billion dollars Apple, the outcome of a procs-river.

Michiru Takahashi, a lawyer with Jones Day law firm, said "this decision by the Tokyo court helped Samsung recover from its defeat in the United States". Samsung has been punished in the United States for patent violations related to the popular iPad and iPhone and has had its own charges dismissed against its competitor. The South Korean group believed that Apple had also infringed several of its patents, particularly in wireless internet (wifi) technologies.

The San Jose court has scheduled December 6 to consider Apple's request to ban the sale of eight models of Samsung mobile phones to the US market. Several screwed models are smartphones from the successful Galaxy range, among which are some of the latest models compatible with 4G telephony.

Other judgments in other countries, including South Korea, have dismissed the two groups back to back.

This international legal battle is particularly followed in view of its potential consequences for the booming market for computer tablets and smartphones.

Apple is so far essential for tablets, where it was the first to launch, with 70% market share in the second quarter (or 17 million of these devices out of the 25 million sold worldwide), according to the firm IDC . Samsung is its first competitor, but far behind (2.4 million).

The position is reversed in the market for multifunctional telephones allowing internet connection (smartphones), where Samsung is clearly number one. The South Korean group thus leaked 50.2 million phones in the second quarter, almost twice as much as the 26 million iPhones sold over the same period, according to IDC.

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