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Apple Energy: Apple wants to resell electricity

Apple ENERGY - Apple Energy : Apple veut revendre de l’électricité

Apple ENERGY - Apple Energy : Apple veut revendre de l’électricité


Posted: June 10 2016
Updated: June 10, 2016

by benjamin

Apple is increasingly expanding its fields of activity. If it was previously limited to the production and marketing of high-tech products, the company has now just entered the electricity market. Indeed, the apple firm has just created Apple Energy LLC whose registration was made in the State of Delaware. It is a new entity designed for the resale of surplus electricity produced by the brand with its solar farms located in Cupertino and Nevada.

Apple ENERGY - Apple Energy: Apple wants to sell electricityThanks to its multiple solar panels, this new campus is notably able to produce up to 14 megawatts of electricity. A figure which is more than enough to power the various buildings of Apple, but also allows the latter to resell the excess energy in order to make it profitable.

However, the Apple cannot afford to go further and sell more since its equipment requires a significant amount of energy. Although it has entered the electricity market, the Cupertino company should therefore not pose a real threat to traditional suppliers. Its market share should not be significant and be limited to what it can provide.