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Apple ends butterfly keyboard on laptops

Apple ends butterfly keyboard on laptops

Apple is expected to switch to the scissor system for the keys of these next laptops. A modification which would be accompanied by a change of materials. New keyboards that would not see the light of day before 2020.

Many complaints from Apple computer users point to annoyances encountered with their computer keyboard. Keys on it would get stuck, double keystrokes, or just not register them. The apple brand has therefore taken the initiative to extend its after-sales service dedicated to keyboards.

In addition to this first step, Apple has also announced that the next generation of laptops will be equipped with more conventional scissor switches, which will replace the current butterfly system.

Apple product analyst Ming-Chi Kuo explains in a note byAppleInsider, that “many users believe that the typing experience is not good, due to the very short stroke of the butterfly mechanism“. For example, there is a good chance that the butterfly mechanisms on keyboards will get stuck due to dust or crumbs.

The Vergenous reminds us very well that Apple has already tried several times to improve its mechanism, because it would never have found favor in the eyes of consumers.

These new keyboards are expected to hit laptop models in 2020. In addition to the mechanism, the materials are also expected to change. Exit the plastic, replaced by fiberglass which is more solid.