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Apple Edge Cache, a new service dedicated to content distribution

Apple Edge Cache

Apple Edge Cache is a new service that will allow better delivery of content to end users with Apple-managed servers through an Internet provider’s network.

Apple Edge Cache

Apple wants to use existing ISP networks and servers to reconcile data with its customers. Web caching is a temporary archiving mechanism that accelerates the distribution of web content to end users. Within these networks, multiple servers store copies of multimedia content, including audio, video, images and static text, at different points in the network, and then retrieve them later. This means that content can be pre-cached on a server within an ISP network.

For example, if you and your neighbor are streaming the same movie around the same time, normally both of you should ping the nearest Apple server, which will deliver it to the content distribution network used by Apple. .

With Apple Edge Cache, however, the data will go through an ISP server before reaching the user. With perimeter caching, the ISP can store data for this streaming content on the local ISP server and deliver it to the user or anyone connected to the same ISP server.

In this way, content delivery is faster and more reliably, minimizing redirection and latency for the user. Other companies like Netflix and Amazon are already adopting a similar system for content delivery.

The Apple Edge Cache system is currently by invitation only and applications can be sent to Apple through its dedicated web portal. The network must also operate to serve primarily end users rather than some network operators.