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Apple drops (again!) The price of its iPhone, iPad and Mac in China


Posted: April 1 2019
Updated: April 1, 2019

by Steve

Definitely, we too would like sales ofiPhone are at half mast. The apple brand, since the announcement of a drop in sales of its phones in late 2018 in China, has decided for a few months to strike a blow to the Chinese market. Between the planned release of a red color exclusive to the Middle Kingdom, and the numerous price reductions in agreement with certain specific resellers, the Cupertino company continues promotional measures to revive purchases of iPhone.

And today is another drop! Apple has indeed applied the change in VAT in China which is effective today. As a result, the price has dropped by almost 6% on average. Huge.

Apple China - Apple drops (again!) The price of its iPhone, iPad and Mac in China

Now the popular iPhone XR has gone from 6,499 yuan to 6,199 yuan (€ 823). The iPhone XS and XS Max saw a drop of 500 yuan each, or € 66. They start at the price of 1089 and 1209 euros respectively (8199 yuan and 9099 yuan). As for accessories, the new AirPods are sold 1,246 yuan (165 euros) instead of 1,279 yuan. The 11-inch iPad Pro at 6,331 yuan (841 euros) instead of 6,499 yuan.

When will such a fall in prices in France? We expect a reaction from Apple, which had planned alignment with French VAT, rather than a rough and hard conversion of the American price.