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Apple does not intend to abandon the Mac Mini

Apple does not intend to abandon the Mac Mini

No longer updated in three years, the Mac Mini could make a strong comeback in 2018…

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Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, confirmed to a customer in the group, by email, that Apple has no plans to abandon the “Mini” line, which has not been updated in three years.

"I'm glad you like the Mac mini. We love it too ” Tim Cook said in an email to an Apple customer who had taken the initiative to contact the Apple boss. "Our customers have found so many creative and interesting ways to use it. Even if it’s not time to talk about it in detail, the Mac mini will play a central role in our future product line-up. ”

A rare claim which has the merit of showing that Apple has not taken an all-out interest in the product.

All eyes are now on 2018, the year in which Apple is expected to significantly refresh its line of computers.